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New Merch! The Bull City Notebook Trio It's Spring, the season when the spirited and artistically-inclined among us venture out in the world to observe, experience, and record furtive accounts in small, hip journals. What better time is there to unveil the newest addition to the Flying Hand Shop? See a gallery of promotional pics for our new Bull City notebook trio.
Follow FH on FB We realize we could wait for the new year to turn over new leaves and activate new links, but why wait? We're loading 2012 up with even more good stuff before it's out the door. Next up: a new Flying Hand page on Facebook.
Our new site is now a thing on the internet Hey, it's Philip, and I've got some pretty exciting news. As you can see, Flying Hand has a new website. Click around – it's pretty swanky. New work, new info, and an evolving shop area. It's the perfect platform for growing FH as a business, and that's exactly the plan for the next year.