Frequently Asked Questions

More backstory before talking business? Check out these common inquiries we receive on the particulars of projects, process, and all that other action.

Portrait of the Artist as a Hirsute Fella

Where’s your capabilities list?

We don’t have one.

Why is that?

We can’t go on waxing rhapsodic about telling compelling stories just to tell ours with an inventory of skills. Really – how impersonal is that?

So you do logo design?

We do. Ideally, the logo is one of the pieces resulting from a process that begins with discussing and workshopping ideas about your brand’s goals and messages, but it’s also possible to advance a visual identity without designing or reinventing a logo. It might be that a company needs to create companion materials, proprietary typefaces, a visual language, or a standards manual. We do logo design, but we rarely just do logo design.

What’s with the royal ‘we?’

It allows the potential for growth and flexibility – on a by-project basis and as a business. As a rule, Flying Hand specializes instead of generalizing, and as a result we frequently partner with, bring on, and recommend experts and craftspeople in other areas. So that’s the deal with the ‘we.’ Also, the studio has a PM: Cooper.

The project manager cat?

He’s great at staying on top of things. Like big stacks of paper. And chairs.

Do you do web design?

No. Well, except this website. And some others. I’ve already said too much.

So — you do?

Yes. Most often, we use WordPress as a content management system. It’s an open, well-supported platform that offers impressive functionality and is perfect for businesses with smaller budgets. We dig it so much we’ve spoken at WordCamp events about building an online brand using WP. For more complex interactive projects, we often partner with dedicated developers.

Our place or yours?

Give us a call! Come on down. We’re always open, except when we aren’t.

Are you available for subcontracting?

We’ve got the flexibility and experience to fit in during any stage of the creative process. We’re happy to lend perspective to an in-house team’s concepting process, serve as a hired gun/skill player to an agency, or provide art direction to production teams.

What’s your normal rate?

There isn’t one. We’ll discuss your goals, priorities, and timeline and then figure out the scope and pricing structure that make the most sense.

I don’t have much of a budget, but I’m willing to give you more creative freedom. How’s that sound?

Don’t toy with my fragile heart. You know that designers have a hard time resisting iffy deals like that. For shame.

Will you work on spec?

As a Southerner, I was raised to be a friendly dude, but asking this question of any designer – regardless of their rearing – will get you a rude reply.

Are you interested in speaking gigs?

Definitely. Panels, workshops, walkthroughs. Let’s discuss.

Are you ever going to have a real store?

Someday, perhaps. Though for right now we’re really happy with the security and reliability of our outside vendors.

We’d like you to bid on a project.

Send us relevant info if you feel it’d be a good fit.

[Disparaging Cleveland remark.]

Not having it. Cleveland is a great city filled with creative, entrepreneurial folks who only get fired up more when they’re pegged as underdogs. It’s a place with unbelievable design talent and a strong sense of tradition. People here make things. We have for a long time. And we’re damn proud of that.

Do you do work outside of NE Ohio?

Of course. Don’t let the Cleveland defensiveness scare you – we work all over. Some of our favorite clients are in other time zones.