About the Studio

Choice creative work, refreshingly jargon-free. Crafting visual identities, branding, and design for clients from nonprofits to the Fortune 500.

Portrait of the Artist as a Hirsute Fella

About the Work

We’re about one idea above all: purposeful design with a sense of play. Professional products that still turn heads. We partner with you to create clear, compelling work that never loses its sense of character. Because when your story is engaging, it resonates. When your visuals have a voice, they connect. And when you’ve got that, folks commit – and keep coming back.

When we talk strategy, we’re profoundly acronym averse. Your project is unique, and Proprietary Processes™ only pigeonhole. Let’s diagnose before we prescribe. We’ll use our experience to help discover your story, and then craft the best way tell it. We’ve got the expertise to articulate your voice and the flexibility to help you find it.

About the Name

So, why ‘Flying Hand’—? Because fun wants us to have it. Think of car rides when you were young. Remember the feeling of putting your arm in the wind? Feeling the sun on your skin. Controlling the currents. Letting your hand slice through the air. It was easy and exciting all at once.

As designers, we’re fortunate enough to do what we love every day. And when we’re doing it right, it should be energizing and rewarding. It should make us feel as excited as kids – discovering for the first time we can catch the breeze.

In the end, the best creative work should remind you of flying your hand. And we strive every day to make sure it does.

About the Beard

Flying Hand is the design studio of Philip McFee, a scruffy Southerner pursuing adventures on the North Coast. Philip’s been forging visualia professionally for the past decade or so, working for banks, bands, basketball teams, and pretty much everything in-between. He holds a torch for illustration, identity, info design, and type.

Over the years, Flying Hand’s work has been recognized by the good folks at HOW, Graphis, GD:USA, LogoLounge, CMYK Magazine, and Rockport Publications, among others.

Philip digs cycling, craft beer, Cleveland eats, teaching workshops, and community advocacy. He thinks ‘barbecue’ is a noun, not a verb.